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Here's to 2020

Hey Cool Kids,

2020 is OUR YEAR (until 2021, that is)... I am beyond excited to share this journey with you. This year will bring new venues, new band members, and .... NEW MUSIC. If you haven't already, go check out the tour tab and see if I will be anywhere near you in the coming months. If so, let me know!! If not, comment on this post and let me know where YOU want ME to come. Maybe we can meet.. along the way..

As I travel I will be posting show recaps and news updates on my Road Diary, hoping you can enjoy this ride with me.

xoxo, Al

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Michele Berschler
Michele Berschler
Feb 03, 2020

Come to Philadelphia! There are some small venues like City Winery, Theatre of Living Arts (TLA), and The Fillmore, that would be perfect for you to sing in. I’d love to see you in concert here!


Allie Brooks Roberts
Allie Brooks Roberts
Jan 21, 2020

Hi!! You can sign in with any google account to comment and like blog posts! Also, share posts to your social media -- the more friends the merrier.

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